About Us

About Us

Do you want to learn from your peers and grow your marketing performance and skills?

If you answered Yes, then you have landed at the right place.


Evolving marketer is a growing community of go-getter – Marketers & Entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Sweet now lets learn a bit more why, what & how of Evolving Marketer:

Why Evolving Marketer?

…. because we all learn from each other’s experience. At Evolving Marketer we are working towards building a community that helps their peers with relevant and actionable feedback so you are on top of your game.

What Evolving Marketer promises?

Along with lots of fun & positivity Evolving Marketer focuses on building a community of best people with great attitudes and a desire to genuinely help their peers.

We work relentlessly on bringing the best actionable marketing tips to ensure you learn from the best & can put that into practice so you can achieve your dreams faster.

How was Evolving Marketer born?

As a tech entrepreneur & marketer, I had been successful in building software products & eCommerce stores for myself and my agency clients. However, after some failed attempts I realized he was falling short in taking my web assets to market successfully. Soon I realized apart from product market fit & timing, one of the major factor is not having an effective marketing strategy. That gave birth for me to learn various marketing strategies. Since then I had been working with early stage startups on their product and marketing.

To be on top of my game & my quest to learn I turned my attention to various communities. However I noticed it was hard to be part of a community where a group of startup marketers genuinely cared for each other & help succeed.

So, Who created Evolving Marketer?Glad you asked!

Evolving Marketer was started by Bhavi Chadha an Indian born digital evangelist. I am currently passionately helping startups in Melbourne – Australia grow their business. An overall experience of over 17 years, I have worked the spectrum from large corporation’s to boot strapped startups. After some failed attempts and successful exists, my passion lies in helping other Entrepreneurs and Internet marketers achieve their dreams. Evolving marketer is my effort to build a community of kick-ass professionals who aspire to achieve the unthinkable.

I love helping others whether it is lessons i have learned to help you grow your business or even get you started on your path to success. I work with people to unlock something BIG that’s growing deep inside them.

Join the Evolving Marketer family…. Lets start the journey of something BIG!

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